The Advent of Online Travel Booking System Made Travelling Easier

Travel and Tourism is among the most rapidly growing industries across the globe as technology has made the things easier. Globalization has made people aware about avenues and destinations in other countries. There are so many online travel portals available to help people to get their tickets and hotels booked in time by making the payment instantly through credit or debit cards. These travel portals are thus very popular nowadays as they have online travel booking systems which are very easy to use and operate. Now most of the people are having internet at homes, offices or in cell-phones through which they find the best travel deals available online and it has discarded the monopoly of travel agents who used to charge heavy commissions from their clients. Customers are now well aware of all the prices as they can check and compare it online which saves their money and precious time.

Online booking has many benefits as when we compare to the traditional form of spot bookings as a customer can book his/her tickets online by sitting right from his home or office. They don’t have to run to the booking windows seeking the availability of the tickets. Automated booking systems are beneficial for both the consumers and service providers as it has removed the commissions of middlemen, which were heavy on the pockets of customers previously. Businesses like hotels, car rentals, ticketing companies and restaurants have been greatly benefitted with advent this amazing technology. Information Technology has made the things very easy in every field and so is the case of travel and tourism industry.

There are many companies these days which are proficient in IT enabled services and they offer tour operator solutions [] by offering the travel & tour operators a complete automated solution to their businesses. Hotel owners also rely on such booking management system which helps them to track each and every thing related to their property. Hotel Management Software offer complete automation of the property by managing their room booking and cancellations, managing the inventory of the property, providing staff management solution and managing the point of sale at different locations of the property like restaurants, kitchen, room services, laundry or concierge services, etc. It has helped companies to establish their business with a brand and it has made easier for them to manage everything effectively and saving lots of time & manpower.

Booking engine for tour operators are also very helpful as they can also manage their business effectively. If they are offering tour packages, they require bus tickets, railway or flight bookings for transportation, also they need to book rooms instantly many times and in that case these online booking solutions play an important role. Many big players in the field of hospitality sector who are offering tour packages also have their own booking engine to track and operate their businesses smoothly and efficiently. Online bookings are now known to be the most effective and efficient way of doing business and reduce the possibilities of customers to double book. The margin of errors is also there with each automation software but still with their benefits, the margin of errors can easily be ignored, because at present TIME IS MONEY, and if you can save time then you are the king in any business.

Overview on Indian Railways and the India Train

India is a famous country with different culture and heritage. Today, India has been noted for its rapid growth and development in areas like transportation, production, infrastructure, tourism, information technology and other areas. Their transportation system is one of the best in the world. However, the India transportation system is among the fastest growing in the world with modern facilities that is being put in place by Indian government. Meanwhile, India has the best railways system and the largest railway network system in the world with more than one million staffs.

Moreover, the central government of India has done so well by providing lots of modern trains to boost transportation in India. Not only that, it also provided a luxury railway stations that is well equipped with modern facilities for passengers comfort. The introduction of Indian railways system has really helped a lot of business to grow. Many people can now take the advantage and the comfort of Indian railway system. The Indian railway also introduced a web based e-ticketing system and other services to take away the load off the railway ticketing department. With web based e-ticket system, passengers can now purchase their tickets online right inside their bedroom without going to the ticketing centers. With the e-ticketing system, passengers can even make reservations pending when they are ready to travel.
The e-ticket system also has helped in reducing the long queue that a lot of passengers have been experiencing when they want to purchase their tickets or make PNR Status Enquiry. The Indian railway also advanced the e-ticketing system by introducing the mobile phone application system to facilitate convenient booking for passengers and to also save time. I know by now that you are wondering what PNR means, well it simply means €Passengers Name Reservation€. The government of India introduced the IRCTC PNR Status system so that the public can check their ticket status and to also know the current condition of their train.

With the web based electronic system (website), passengers can now Check PNR Status to know the status of their tickets. They can also book and pay for their tickets online. Meanwhile, with the e-ticket system, passengers can now choose seat number of their choice in any of the classes they paid for, like the fist class, executive class, business class and the economy class. On like before, the ticketing agents are the only authorized people who can allocate seat numbers to passengers. To ensure that the e-system is very efficient, the Indian railway established a technical department to ensure that the e-ticketing system is up and running. The department also carries out day to day maintenance and monitoring of the e-ticketing systems to avoid any technical fault.

Meanwhile, you can also check your Railway PNR Status anytime you want provided you have a computer system or a mobile phone with internet connection. Please note that the Railway PNR that is given to you when you purchased your ticket is a pin number that indicates that you have paid for your ticket and qualified to travel with the train. So always ensure that your PNR is kept safe. All information as regarding the routs and train status can be checked through IRCTC PNR Status.

Choose Singapore for Your Holiday and Revel in the Fun

A Singapore Package of 5 days and 6 nights will seem too short because there is so much to see and do in the country. You and your family will want to spend some more time in the country, which is what makes Singapore special €” there is something strongly magnetic about the highly sophisticated urban life and the charming rustic flavours. Added to this are the country’s easy going attitude and a welcome gesture, which augments the attraction. Singapore packages are popular among tourists of all class as the packages are customised as per your idea of travel. A package for Singapore includes information about the rules and regulations of the country, information on Foreign exchange and a comprehensive knowledge about places of tourist attraction.

The enchanting Singapore

The Grand Prix is one of the major attractions of all Singapore Packages and there are takers from all over the world for this fun filled adrenalin rushing event. The country is painted with neon lights, musical concerts from world celebrities in the night and Grand Prix in day.

A package for Singapore includes pick up and drops from Airport, accommodation in the hotel as per your availability of time and local travel. A typical 4 days and 5 nights trip consists of 4 days breakfast and City tour of Singapore, Cable car From Mt Faber to Sentosa Island, tour of the Sentosa Island, underwater world tour and all this at affordable cost. Trips to Jurong Bird Park and Night Safaris are added attractions.

Singapore is considered as Shoppers’ Paradise and it offers a unique shopping experience to shopaholics with sky scrapping air conditioned malls.. Shopping Malls at Marina Bay Sands are Singapore’s biggest and luxurious malls and always find a special mention in most of the Singapore Packages.

Shopper’s Paradise

Singapore is considered as Shopper’s Mecca and you can include a tour of all shopping malls in your package for Singapore. Singapore packages are on high demand in world tourism market and a typical Singapore Package includes food, accommodation, and local travel, besides two-way travel from your country.

If you are in the country for a business trip, then there is a special package for Singapore tour which will include a half day tour of the city and shopping Malls, where you can buy a branded designer dress or bag. The Marina Bay Sands Mall gets illuminated in the day and you can watch the skyline of Singapore from here. Marina Bay is connected to Marina Center through a Helix Bridge which is world’s first curved bridge; the bridge is constructed keeping the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang in mind. Also there is skating rink in the mall, which keeps children busy. The night life in Singapore is colourful and bustling with foot-tapping music.

How To Save Money On Your Air Travel Bookings

People just love to travel. The experience is not just for relaxation but for an immersion on the many cultures and experiences this world has to offer. That is why more and more people are looking for the perfect getaway or the perfect place to go jet setting. For those who are always on the go maybe because of business or the kind of work that you have, you probably love to travel.

For whatever reasons why people do travel, it is still essential to be practical as always. You may have your lifetime savings to spend on a Caribbean trip then you have all the right to look for ways to save, right? One way of saving money is by going through travel bookings, maybe for flight or hotel bookings. Here are some tips on how to save money on travel bookings:

1. For flight bookings, go through the many air travel companies and do your research, see if they offer promos and discounts especially on early bookings. This way you could plan ahead your trip and make your travel booking early on to save money.

2. Make sure that your baggage or meals come free in your travel ticket and that there are no other hidden fees that you do not know about.

3. For Hotel bookings, it is wiser to do your own research on the hotels offering lesser rates in the internet and do your own booking. If you do want to go through travel agencies make sure that they offer rates are within reason. You would know it since you will do some research on your own as well.

4. Book through travel agencies that are offering reasonable rates and with many options to choose from. Especially choose the ones that offer the whole package, flight, hotel and car hires to make your travel a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. This will also ensure you to save on more money.

5. Compare rates and know for sure that indeed you are saving money out of using travel bookings in an agency. But do make sure to choose and agency that is reputable.

Travel bookings can come very handy if you are wise enough to choose the right deals at the right price. There are some travel agents offering lowest rate but if you read the fine lines, there are so many hidden charges along the way. Learn to read and also do not hesitate to ask questions if there are things that you are not clarified about. Negotiate to get the best deal and Remember, you are the one traveling and not them.

Did you find these tips on air travel useful?

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Online Bus Tickets Booking Re-Revolutionized Ticket Booking for Travelling

Transportation in India has always been a matter of discussion considering the huge population. To transport people from a particular destination to other place be it travelling locally or from a state to another state, it requires a planned and robust infrastructure. Indian Railways is one of the examples that must be appreciated for its infrastructure and management for transporting such a huge population to India’s different locations.

Booking railway tickets was very hectic and impossible task previously as people used to wait in long queues for hours and got disappointed when suddenly it was announced that’ no tickets available’. Indian Railways brought the concept of online booking of railways tickets in the form of IRCTC which has gained marvelous response throughout India. All credit goes to IRCTC that allows people book railway ticket online sitting at home while sipping coffee. We must not forget the role of British Government ruled India for centuries that prioritized, planned and executed rail network in India. It was really impossible to build the network of tracks of broad and narrow gages. But, unshaken spirit and hard labor made everything possible.

On the same note, the notion of online bus tickets booking came into existence few years back. It brought one more revolution of booking and confirming tickets to travel by bus likewise IRCTC did in the past to book railway tickets. There are two kinds of major public transports in India – Train and Bus. Both are the backbone of Indian transport. A large group of people cannot afford travelling in airplanes and in private transportation modes. Keeping in mind the same limitations, the Indian Government runs public transport in abundance. Many bus operators also play a great role in transporting people.

Bus ticket booking through online platform has re-revolutionized the concept of booking tickets online for travelling in India. There are so many routes and on every route many buses run on daily basis. Online bus ticket booking allow people to book bus tickets online for small to long distances. For up to 500 kilometers, it is really convenient to travel by bus and people do feel so. Internet made everything easy and so is travelling in your kind of buses. You can travel in A/C, Non A/C, Sleeper and semi sleeper buses providing different kinds of amenities like movies and charging points. You cannot be bored at all. You cannot miss any call as well. Moreover, water bottle and blanket are also provided so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed while travelling. We can expect some more revolution in travel and transport industries in near future.

How to Travel in Foreign Countries Safely with Enough Money

Travel is wonderful, and many of us would do nothing but travel the globe if we had the means to live that kind of jet-set life. And traveling to the far corners of the world is growing increasingly easy, with the Internet to connect us to friends and work while we are away and with major transportation centers like airports and railway stations all over the map. We can book reservations and go to even the most far-flung places that have names that we can barely pronounce. But travel requires spending money, and unless we have safe and secure ways to carry money with us when we globe-hop, we can find ourselves in a world of trouble.

Travelers used to rely upon traveler’s checks as the best way to carry money abroad, but in recent years this method has become somewhat cumbersome. Rules governing reimbursement have tightened to prevent fraudulent claims, and although traveler’s check companies claim that they will get money to you anywhere, anytime, with emergency speed, the reality is that many travelers find themselves stuck with no cash, and lost or stolen traveler’s checks are not reimbursed for months. And then they are only refunded or reimbursed after the consumer fills out pages of documents and makes many long and sometimes frustrating phone calls. Although there are still some good traveler’s check companies, many travelers complain that customer service and speedy reimbursement are lacking. For that reason we recommend using traveler’s checks as a backup, not a primary plan of action.

A better and more dependable idea is to carry a bank card, like an ATM or credit card. Because most financial networks subscribe to the same ATM machine systems, your card will be compatible with automated cash machines throughout the world. All you have to do is take one piece of plastic with you, and your bank account is only a PIN number away. Of course you may find yourself in a place where there are no machines, or where you card does not work, but in general this is a good way to carry money overseas. Experts recommend that you plan ahead, and open a special bank account for your overseas travel. Use the ATM card connected to that account, and only deposit enough money to cover your travel expenses. That way, if your card is stolen and misused, thieves will not be able to clean out your life’s savings.

To back up your ATM card in case you aren’t able to use it somewhere, carry enough cash – either in dollars or in the currency of the place you are traveling – to tide you over for a few days at a time. You can also use most credit cards and a passport to withdraw cash from foreign banks, but you may have to pay pretty steep fees for the convenience.

And as always, it is highly recommended that you leave copies of all your important documents, including your bank cards, in a safe place. If yours are lost, you can use the copies to help file claims to replace them.

Medical Travel Jobs And Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is becoming more and more common, therefore people are looking at travel with a different perspective than they used to. Previous travel was linked to either work function or vacation. Now, because of medical tourism, healthcare can also be linked to travel, which has changed the economy in many different areas of the world. Singapore, a small island, has a new operation to encourage and sponsor a program called “Singapore medical tourism []” through the health and travel world.

Medical tourism has created a particular category of positions. Medical travel jobs pay very well and are envied quite a bit. To become hired in this field, you must understand why people are willing to travel for healthcare and how medical tourism actually works.

Medical travel jobs are not an easy way to earn money. They are fit for you only if you are compassionate, hard working and humble. In short these qualities are the ones of a successful nurse. Besides that medical travel jobs demand that you should have a good understanding of some other foreign languages and various foreign cultures.

Learning new languages will aid in communication with people who have come to your country of work for health care. Learning their culture will aid in forming a bond with them and allow you to serve them better. When you perform well you may gain rewards from your clients as well as your employer.

Medical travel jobs also require an in-depth understanding of visa and insurance documentation. Most people seeking healthcare outside their country of residence, don’t pay their hospital bills themselves. Instead their foreign travel health insurance takes care of their hospital bills. Therefore, you need to understand insurance procedures and readily ascertain travel insurance medical condition [] of the medical tourist.

You do not have to look solely within your own country for medical tourism jobs. Many countries like India, Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, New Zealand, Jordan, Panama, Portugal, Spain, and Canada have become prime destinations for medical tourism. You can choose any of these countries as your country of work. However, obtaining formalized training in medical travel jobs is often needed to get the proper work visa..

Must Travel Places of India

India is a top-rated destination for tourists going to Asia within the last few couple of years with the total number only escalating. Statistics show well over 72,00,000 holiday-makers go to India annually, then there’s a rise of 5-6% every year. And no question the boost in percentage of holidaymakers since there are numerous locations in India for holidays. India possesses centuries of historical past and several sites of holiday. Below listed are travel spots that you really can’t afford to miss if you intending to take a trip to India.

Goa- Parties, Beaches and Churches
Goa is a really very small state based on the western sea-coast of India. However the thrilling level is simply the opposite of the measurements of this state. Around 3 million holiday-makers travel to Goa each year. If you’re a party animal and really love beach locations in that case, Goa is the actual spot suitable for you. Goa is truly a paradise with regard to honeymoon partners. Candolim Shore, Anjuna Shore, Majorda Shore, Colva Shore, Baga Beach are some of the very well known shores. Goa does have a beautiful nightlife. This label €all the big thing comes in small packages€ is probably best suited for Goa.

Mumbai- The Destination of Dreams
Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and it’s situated on the western side coast of India. Mumbai is one of the 4 metropolitan cities of India. It is generally called the city of hopes and dreams and is actually the financial capital of India and you can identify a lot of renowned financial centers of India stationed here. From the traveler angle, they’re a great many points to visit in Mumbai. A bunch of famous attractions are Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum, Girgaum Chowpatty, Essel World, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Elephanta caves and Island, Nehru Science Centre, Aksa Beach, Juhu Beach, Madh Fort, Worli Fort,Castella de Aguada and many others. There are numerous holy destinations as well,, for example, like Siddhivinayak temple, MahaLakshmi temple, Mount Mary Church, Cathedral of the Holy Name, Haji Ali Dargah, and more. Further, there are a lot well-known discos and even night clubs increasing the actually electrifying nightlife of Mumbai. Thus, there’s a widely known saying about Mumbai €The city which actually don’t sleep!!€.

Agra- The World famous Love Monument “Taj Mahal”
Agra is certainly recognized for Taj Mahal, and is also declared as being the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is just situated in northern India around the bank of river Yamuna. Taj Mahal is amongst the 7 wonders around the globe. It’s actually a stunning monument constructed by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife €Mumtaz Mahal€. It is actually an indication of their unique real relationship. Taj Mahal is actually crafted with complete white color marble stone and its amongst the most idyllic constructions around the world. Extra attractions at Agra are Agra Fort, Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah, Tomb of Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri, Memtabh Bagh, Buland Darwaza, and so on. The town is also recognized for it’s sweet that is known as Petha.

Kerala- God’s Own Country
Kerala can be found in the south of India enjoying its border with the Arabian sea. Kerala is also referred to as as the God’s own country and happens to be the most perfect state in India. Certainly no India Tourism Package is completed without having Kerala in it. Kerala is really very popular for breathtaking backwaters, white colored sand beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, hillside locations, high-class houseboats, marvelous activities along with festivals and so on. Sleeping on the houseboat is usually a lifetime adventure in itself. It is a superb location with regards to honeymoon couples as well as friends and family vacation. Kerala is additionally well-liked for Ayurveda tourism. Because of the pure beauty of state, national geographic has now granted Kerala in best rated 10 paradises found on earth.

Presently there are loads of remarkable cities in India to go to with each one very popular for one or two special things. There are so many India vacation packages easily available, therefore, look about all the travel spots prior to selecting on the offer. Aside from that, buyers may well decide your own personal, unique India tour packages in line with the different places you wish to take a trip to. See India and uncover the breathtaking beauty and return with life-long memories.