Travel Agency Franchise

Travelling is a great passion and if you have it in you to see and let others revels the beauties of the world, then running a travel agency business would be the most suitable business venture for you. Initially the best option would be to acquire a travel franchise of any well known brand so you would be spared of doing the major part of the marketing job.
Before you take the first step of opening up a travel franchise, you should be well versed with the nuances of the travel agency business, the facilities and services provided by a typical travel agency like hotel booking, arranging for rail and air tickets and also the risks involved as is obvious for any business. If you are ready to take the necessary risks and responsibilities you can approach to run a travel franchise successfully.
Now approach a franchisor willing to operate with a travel franchise and asks for their terms and conditions. Read their prospectus and other documents and if you have any doubts do not hesitate to inquire and clear your doubts. Only when you are sure that you can do the business with them, you acquire the necessary licenses and sign the contract and then go for a suitable location where you would set up your office. The office must be spacious enough to accommodate computers and cash sell points with a kiosk that would offer the necessary information of the service provided and the charges you owe in lieu to the service offered.
The popularity of your travel franchise would depend on how effectively you relate to the people in your locality and how well you know about their requirements. For instance there might be families that want to go to a beach on their next vacation. As they approach you, your kiosk must furnish the necessary information about the beach holiday packages. Their budget is also to be taken into consideration and whether they are planning for a long stay or wishing to visit a nearby beach to spend a weekend. Business trips are also very important and you should have a very clear cut idea about the requirement of your client and about the duration and budget of the personnels wishing to take the trip.
Travel franchise would now need employees like accountants, travel consultant, marketing executive and others. Employees can be a asset or a liability depending upon the quality of staff and how well you manage them. The marketing guy should be selected carefully as he would be the person who would bring the business. You should have your own business strategy and accordingly you employ your staff to do the rest of the job. The accountant would come handy if you need any loan to be taken at any point of the business. The travel consultant should have excellent skill in presenting the necessary details to the customers and he or she should be well versed about the packages offered by your franchisee.

Cheap Jet Airways Tickets Online Last Minute Deals

Ready for a global destination trip, Jet Airways takes you to anyplace safe. All you have to do is book Jet Airways Tickets online with a click and get set to leave. Jet Airway flights are abundant, punctual and luxurious. You can save on tickets and this airline has the primary base at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport. This Airline operate over 60 domestic and 5 international destinations daily. It also has its secondary hubs at Brussels, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

In-Flight Amenities
Jet airline has First Class, Premiare and Economy class tickets on its international sectors. The airline offers an array of special meals and the passengers can enjoy new cabin design. The in-flight entertainment offers a new look.
Web check-in is also available from select airports for this airlines facilitating customers to select their choice of seats and to print their boarding pass as well.
Special services

Special services like goodies keep you going. You can earn Jet Privilege miles and travel the entire world. Redeem the miles and enjoy savings. Booking Jet airways tickets is the simplest as you can choose your destination by logging on to the site. This Airline offers safe and great value travel and keeps you informed of the flight duration.
SMS service is also introduced by Jet Airways to know the information about flight schedule and status.
Online ticket booking

Booking jet Airways tickets online is beneficial and simple. You can book tickets online in minimal time to your destinations and get the best cheap flights and air fares. This also helps in retrieving information and in getting the related schedule. You can get the route links linking.A You can also look for last minute deals so that you get a cheap air ticket.
It has strengthened its presence with Brussels Airlines through code-sharing agreement. This has added Geneva, Toulouse, Vienna and Marseille. The connectivity owing to the code-share has increased between Europe and India. This Airways also offers daily services from Mumbai and Delhi to London. Jet Airways keeps announcing schemes favoring online booking to avail last minute deals and to save.

Jet airways tickets can be booked by online from the authorized sites but before placing the orders of this airlines flight Tickets you must check the proper time and date of the flights. A jet airway is one of the popular airlines company well connected with most popular countries providing the best flights services.

Go on a luxury adventure travel and experience for payment security

If you have a love for adventure and want to experience it in the most amazing way, then planning a luxury adventure travel is the best option. Enjoy a safari vacation with your loved ones, witness some of the most fascinating sights, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Safari adventure have always been the favorite of tourists having a wild side to them. All those people who love the adrenaline rush can satisfy their desire for adventure by embarking on luxury adventure tours. Although every country offers some or the other adventure, the most preferred destinations so far are the countries located in the African continent.

The scenic beauty of the African land, the abundance of wildlife and the presence of diverse cultures, sets it apart from the rest. The natural beauty of Africa has stolen the hearts of millions of visitors and left them with memories to cherish for their lifetime. Luxury adventure travel is perhaps the best way of exploring the adventurous side of your personality while enjoying the best of hospitality and food.

Safari holidays are best enjoyed when traveling in large groups. With your friends and family around, you can do biking, kayaking and trekking, or else, if you love observe a flock of birds and their unique characteristics, you would get plenty of time to indulge in bird watching.

Some of the most extensively visited African destinations for luxury adventure tours include Kruger National Park, Etosha National Park, Namib Desert, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Gorilla Trekking, Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and Cape Town. The breathtaking hills, and beautiful grasslands and savannahs of Masai Mara make it Kenya’s pride. The Kruger National Park is a world renowned for preserving an incredible species of birds, mammals and reptiles. The park was established back in 1898 and is one of the most popular locations for safari holidays.

However, before going on a luxury adventure travel , one must consider a few points. Firstly, you should check out the various adventures offered at the place you are planning to visit. Secondly, the weather should be checked and you should also find out the bets time for visiting the place. Thirdly and most importantly, is your budget because this will help determine what kind of accommodation to look out for. This will also help you select the best possible holiday package.

Budget Honeymoon Travel – How to Consummate the Best Deals

Anyone that has ever paid for a wedding will fully realize just how expensive it is. Many individuals save up for years for their wedding and yet find that they only have just enough for their dream day. The honeymoon is an extra that many people forget and then realize that they do not have enough money to pay for the trip of their dreams, but with budget honeymoon travel the trip of dreams is still very much available and accessible!

Budget honeymoon travel is all about knowing where to look and timing your booking just right in order to get the lowest rates possible. This applies to the destination of your choosing the majority of the time because it is possible to find substantial discounts all around the world! You can actually save anything from 20% to 50% and get a range of free extras with budget honeymoon travel, including access to amenities that you would have otherwise have paid for, health treatments, additional nights, entertainment and meals. With all this at you fingertips for an amazingly affordable rate, why would you not want to take advantage of them?

If your idea of a great honeymoon is living in the lap of luxury for a few weeks then these budget honeymoon travel tips will enable you to do that:

1. Look at short stay vacations in locations that are considered to be off-season at the time of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married in the US summer, look to go to the Southern hemisphere for your honeymoon. If it is a winter wedding, look to the Northern hemisphere. You will find plenty of budget honeymoon travel packages that cost a fraction of the price if you are going off-season!

2. Look at the lower room rates rather than the suite rates. By choosing a basic room, you can save up to half of the cost. Budget honeymoon travel should be about the newlyweds and the place you are visiting and not what you have in the room!

3. If you mention to the hotel in question that you are on honeymoon and have a tight budget then they will often offer a discount on top of the room rate or throw in an extra night. If you want to access budget honeymoon travel then you have to be cheeky but many agents will not do this for you because they will lose commission, so it is best to contact the hotel itself and ask.

4. Book flights and accommodation separately. If you book them together then the package can often cost more than your budget will allow, but looking for budget honeymoon travel is made a lot more viable if you book the two entities separately.

5. Look to Hawaii and Mexico for the best discounts. Hotels in these resorts will often offer specific packages for individuals looking for budget honeymoon travel. The websites will often display these discounts so you can get a good idea of how much it will cost before talking to the hotel itself.

6. Choose a weekend break for your actual honeymoon, which may cost less than $500 in total, and then ask the guests at your wedding for travel gift certificates. You can then go on to book the ultimate honeymoon a few months after the wedding but can still get away for a few days after the wedding. This is a budget honeymoon travel technique that a high number of newlyweds are tapping into at the moment because of the rising costs of weddings.

Travel Insurance And Group Holidays

Have you started planning a group tour or holiday for your family, club, or school? As the group leader or school trip organiser, you know that there is a lot involved in the decision making. Choosing how much to spend, a destination, the type of transportation, what accommodation and suitable activities for a group can be quite stressful. Your stress level can rise to even higher levels when you realize that, if you’re the one making all the choices, you are the one who will ultimately be responsible for your group’s experience. Why not devise an informal survey for your group with choices of locations, airlines, activities and such, with prices for each? That way, you can see what options the group would enjoy, and can make the final decisions based on their answers.

One thing you will want to mention at the end of your survey is the plan to invest in a group travel insurance policy for everyone who is planning to go along, and let the group know that this is one choice that is for certain. And, if you hadn’t planned to purchase a policy for your group trip, why not? Travel insurance has become as essential as your suitcase. If you and your group can afford to go on holiday, then you all can afford insurance! No one can know whether or not they will fall ill or have other types of problems while travelling. It’s far better to be safe than sorry, for just one medical emergency could end up being extremely expensive with out travel insurance. The importance of proper insurance cover while travelling cannot be over emphasised.

Do some research online before you choose your group travel insurance. Choose a company that offers travel insurance policies that are appropriate for group reservations. Some travel insurance companies will only cover a maximum of two insured adults on one policy, which of course is unsuitable for your group’s needs. A company like insure4less makes it very simple to cover as many as 15 adults and 15 children on just one policy. This is a grand choice for your family, school or club trip.

Travel insurance will definitely allow the group leader to reassure everyone that they are covered in case of sickness, medical expenses, lost luggage or other personal items, and also in case of personal illness or accident in a catastrophe such as a car, train, or plane accident while travelling. In this case, you would be dealing with the emergency services provided in your policy. It is a lot easier to communicate with just one service in an emergency rather than several, which would be the situation if everyone had their own individual travel insurance policies.

Make sure to read your policy carefully before purchase and that you ask the others in the group to read it as well. That’s the beauty of buying travel insurance online; you are able to look over the important paperwork from the privacy of your home. Group travel insurance will cover only the circumstances that are listed on the policy. Don’t just assume that something is covered. If it isn’t listed, generally it will not be covered. Give the company a call, or send them an email and ask if you are looking for coverage that you cannot find listed on the policy.

Have Fun With Cataract Canyon and Alaska Rafting Trips

It is sure that the passing some days of leisure in lap of nature is very exciting and entertaining event. It arouses the sense of freedom, and the adventures with them are really the things that everyone wants to have. The activities with the natural sights are really healing activities that are just like healthy nourishment to the mind tired of the daily monotonous activities.

The thing that every mind is nourished with the sound pleasure of the natural activities is correct and is felt when the natural areas or the water bodies are explored. But most important thing that should be considered in every trip to the natural areas is a proper guideline and the company of the experienced persons so that the trip may be safe and more enjoyable.

The people, who are making a plan to pass some days of vacations in the natural surroundings with their friends or the family members, can select anyone of famous companies that offer the cataract Canyon and Alaska Rafting trips for the visitors at the affordable prices. The beautiful area of Canyon and Alaska provides the visitors with all that is expected by the visitors.

Some of the companies who manage the trips to the areas are devoted to make the visit convenient and memorable by providing the visitors with the high class facilities. Whether you have prior experience of any visit to the particular area or you are coming to the area for the first time, you would find the visit very comfortable and convenient as famous companies have all kinds of the facilities to make the trip fun worthy.

In concern of the adventures of exploring the natural areas, Canyon and Alaska are the places that have world class environment of fun and joy. That is why some of the companies offer the Moab River Rafting and Grand Canyon Holidays trips to fulfill the choice of the visitors. The visitors from any part of the world can enjoy the exciting experience of exploring the beautiful areas.

The facilities of One Day Grand Canyon River Raft Trips provided by some of the famous companies make these trips with healthy fun. Along with the rafting experience, you can enjoy some other activities like fishing. If you select some of the famous companies to make your visit convenient, you would certainly be able to enjoy the activities and the natural sights.

Last Minute Travel Deals – The Pros and Cons You Need To Know

Have you been looking into last minute travel deals? You are not alone as more and more budget conscious people who want and need to travel are looking for great prices on airfares, car rentals, hotels, and vacation packages. This article looks at the main benefits and disadvantages of booking travel at the last minute.

The Pros of Last Minute Travel

The main advantage is to save money. The primary reason that travelers often put off booking their reservations until the last possible moment is that it offers the opportunity to save money as compared to if they booked months in advance. And the money they save can either go toward other items for their trip they may not otherwise have bought or those savings might go right back into their bank account.

The second benefit enjoyed by last minute travelers is surprise and adventure. Many times vacationers find themselves drawn to states and countries they would have never considered as deals to such places become available at the booking deadline for a given package. This makes their travel more fun, more enriching, more exciting, and in the end, more satisfying then if they had selected a destination well in advance and did all kinds of planning right up to the departure date.

The Cons of Last Minute Travel

The main disadvantage of booking your trip late is the risk factor. For example, if you have had your eye on a cheap airfare for a week or so before you’re planning to leave, you may find that on the final day the price doubles or triples! In addition, the flight may sell out leaving you with no chance to get on board.

Another con is that you probably have to give up certain perks like sitting right next to your travel companion or getting a hotel that is in a more remote location than you would prefer.

Finally, there’s the stress factor. Booking your trip at the last moment is often filled with uncertainty, and that can lead to more stress than often goes hand in hand with regular travel as it is. So unless you can handle the added stress well, going last minute is probably not for you.

Last minute travel deals come offers its share of advantages on the one hand and a few disadvantages on the other. The key to figuring out if it can work for you is to weigh the possible benefits you can enjoy against the potential downside of booking your trip this way.

The Benefits Of Flying Air Asia

The reason that airlines such as this one can offer cheap prices is that they cut costs where they can. Many budget airlines save on fees by flying to a secondary airport. Sometimes this can be very convenient. An example of this is flying to the Surat Thani airport in Thailand. Other airlines do not stop in this small town. A consequence of this is that travelers who want to go to the Thai islands will have to take a long and uncomfortable bus ride. The fact that this airline flies directly into this town saves holidaymakers several hours on the road.

Some consumers are weary of using this airline due to the fact it is a budget airline. Consumers who think like this should be aware that budget does not always mean uncomfortable. In fact, many holidaymakers rate this airline just as highly as legacy carriers.

Australians love to travel. This is due to their generous annual leave entitlements and their thirst for adventure. As Australians tend to go overseas for their holidays, it is only natural that they are looking for travel bargains. One of the best ways to save money on an Asian holiday is to fly with Air Asia.

What is Air Asia?

Air Asia is a budget airline that is based in Malaysia. Unlike other airlines, it does not operate globally. Instead it focuses on Asia Pacific regions such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, India and Thailand. Although the airline does not service the Americas or Europe, it covers Asia extensively.

Why Should People Travel Air Asia?

There are numerous benefits that come with traveling on this airline. Some of these benefits are listed below.

1. Save Money on Airfare

Perhaps the biggest advantage of flying on this airline is saving money on airfare. The airline often sells flights for less than 50% of the tickets sold by its competitors. For example, they once had a two fly for one deal to Malaysia. This meant that two adults could fly from cities like Sydney and Melbourne to Malaysia for less than $300 per person. In comparison, other airlines were selling tickets for over $1,000 per person.

2. Enjoy a Comfortable Flight With Good Food

Although the airline is synonymous with the word “budget” it has many of the same luxuries as traditional airlines. The staff are friendly and attentive and the leather seats are comfortable.

Consumers can opt to pay for extras such as exit row seats, meals and portable entertainment devices. Unlike other airlines, Air Asia provides tasty in-flight meals. These western and Asian meals can be ordered at the time of booking.

3. Arrange the Flight and Holiday Online

Holidaymakers can arrange arrange every aspect of their trip on the airline’s website. This includes but is not limited to buying insurance, setting up an airport pick-up and purchasing a foreign SIM card. If a customer needs it, Air Asia has made sure that it is available at a very low cost.

Easy to Use Customized Online Travel Booking Portal

In addition to B2B and B2C modules, administrator module with back office and agent management modules are also available that provides you full functionality to manage your business services in an effective cost and time saving manner.

Some of the services provided by these integrated modules are:

Ability to search through data.

Your Booking History is maintained properly.

E-mail notification service for you and your employees.

As an Admin you have total control over booking. You can cancel any booking, see pending bookings, make any necessary changes in booking etc.
Some of the services provide by Maco Online Travel Booking System for Back Office management by admin are:

View full Booking Dashboard.

See all the bookings that are made by any of your agents or sub-agents.

You can print specific vouchers And invoices

Take care of pending bookings.

Manage and see all kinds of reports

Assign specific role and rights to sub users of your company.

As a Admin services provided for agent management are:

You can add new agent as per need.

You can also create different admins for different part of your business.

Service management of agent can be managed by you as Admin.

Have agent submit their logo to you so you can upload them

Select from many different payment options and assign preferred option to your sub-agent

If your agents are from different country you can assign preferred currencies to them for payment

Whether you require to maintain hotel, car, travel, transport services Maco provides one way solution to all your business needs.
With company vast XML integration experiences like MIKI, A2B, GTA you will get the best software system for your business.

Maco provides you with a robust travel software to ahead of your competitors. Travel companies will enjoy 24/7 sales system and the facility that you can view and manage your booking software from any corner of world on mobile or on desktop. Maco Online travel booking system software uses cloud technology to provide latest cloud services like cloud backup, cloud sharing etc.

Steps For Planning An Extended Backpacking Trip

When it comes to backpacking, planning your trip is the most important consideration. There are so many details that need to be laid out before you ever set foot on the trail. If you are planning an extended backpacking trip, there are three important steps to planning a successful excursion. These steps will be outlined below.

Lay out your details

As stated above, the many details of a backpacking trip need to be outlined completely before you ever set foot on the trail. These details include: the general location of your trip, the time of year of your trip, estimated weather patterns, the exact route of your trip, each day’s hiking length, each night’s campground, potential watering holes, and potential break spots. It is a good idea to gather your group together to lay out all of these details so that everyone is on the same page. Remember that these details will help you to determine what gear to bring, so make sure to outline entire trip.

Gear up

Once you know the details of your extended backpacking trip, you can then begin to gather the gear you’ll pack. It is also a good idea to have a gear up party with your group. Have everyone bring their packs and gear so that everyone can see what each other are packing. Some questions you need to answer while gathering your gear include: what will the weather be like? How many days on the trail? What group items need to be brought? These questions will help guide you in choosing the appropriate clothing, gear, and food for your trip.

Practice run

When it comes to an extended backpacking trip, you will be carrying heavy loads. Food will likely take up the bulk of your space in your pack. There’ll be little room for comfort items and luxuries. If you have never gone on an extended backpacking trip before, it is important to load up your pack and practice hiking with it. Heavy backpacks can take time to get used to. Plan a short overnight or weekend trip with your full load to make sure it is packed correctly, to make sure you have everything you need, and to make sure it is not too heavy.

Remember to trim as much weight as possible so that you can fit more food or have a lighter pack. Comfort on the trail is essential to having a good time. Good Luck!