When to find Help for Prescription Drug use

In numerous cases, a prescription drug dependence will not always escalate so quickly. Perhaps the patient has had little past experience with alcohol or recreational illicit drug use. Yet such a person could be prescribed strong painkillers, as in the case of serious car accident leading to major injuries. The patient could decide they enjoy the pleasurable effects of the medication and gradually begin to use it more than they should. However, the individual could be playing a dangerous game, as they run the risk of forming an addiction to these medications.

Medical professionals obviously have the goal of providing clients with efficient, effective treatment. Prescription drugs can be necessary if a person is indeed in deep enough pain from physical injury. Yet there is clearly a reason why a doctor will inform each patient to take them as directed, such as to lessen the odds of addiction. For this reason, heavy painkillers for example, are often prescribed for the short term. Yet for some patients, the urge to seek out more of the substance could be a poor impulse in terms of their health and wellbeing.

Some clients could resort to doctor shopping to obtain more of a prescription drug, in which they will intentionally see more than one to increase odds of obtaining more. Others could take medication that doesn’t belong to them from family members. Still others could make purchases from a friend that has access to such substances and is selling them for personal gain. In any case, the person that becomes fixated on obtaining and using prescription drugs could begin to complicate their lives both professionally and personally. When a person’s prescription drug use reaches this stage it is a good idea to seek prescription drug assistance. Without help, most people will die from their addiction, which is why it is highly recommended that they enter recovery as quickly as possible.

When seeking help with prescription drugs it is best to find a treatment program in which the individual can work toward eliminating physical dependence in a professional rehab setting. Then, he or she can work to confront the thoughts and behaviors that lead to the addiction. For more information on how we can help you or a loved one beat prescription drug complications today, please call the Prescription Drug Abuse Helpline